About Us

" We want creative, courageous and unconditioned fresh-thinkers. We don't stick people behind a desk. We like to give people a chance to make a difference. " James Dyson

Dyson is made up many different people: engineers, scientists, marketeers, accountants, cooks, cleaners, and everything in between.

What we all have in common is that we're problem solvers. When we come up against an obstacle we don't stop – we think of new ways around it. New solutions for old problems. Then we persevere until we get it right.

Twenty years ago, it was just one man and one idea. Now Dyson has grown to a global technology company operating in over 65 countries with 4,400 people to make it happen.

We constantly ask ourselves 'what's next?', and we have a 25 year technology pipeline with a host of new inventions to come.

China is the next chapter for Dyson. We're looking for bright minds to join our growing China team. People that ask questions, and get excited by new ideas.

In November 2012, Dyson exclusively launched in eight stores in Beijing and Shanghai.  Just six months later we're in 42 cities with more than 200 stores.

Help us write the next chapter.

Where we've come from

Dyson started with one man and one idea. Frustrated with his bagged vacuum cleaner losing suction, James Dyson decided to find a better solution. He persevered through 5127 prototypes and numerous rejections because he believed in his idea.

Twenty years later, we've grown to become a £1bn revenue company employing over 4,400 people. We sell in 62 markets globally. The US makes up a third of our business, followed by Japan and the UK. One in three households in the UK owns a Dyson. That's where we want to get to in China. We need your help to make Dyson a household name.

Dyson in Asia

Dyson has been designing products specifically for Asia for over a decade. Starting in Japan, we've partnered with distributors to expand our business across the region including Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan.

In late 2012, we opened a regional hub in Hong Kong, and officially launched in China in November. We've had a great reception to our technology: from just eight stores in Beijing and Shanghai, we're now in 85 stores in 31 cities across China.

But it's just the beginning. Dyson is investing in China. Over the next couple of years, we expect it to become one of our top markets globally. We need entrepreneurial people with imagination and drive to help us get there.

Our philosophy

We start with a problem – those everyday irritations that frustrate us all. Then we figure out how to make it work better.

We start with an open mind – sometimes old problems need new solutions. There's no such thing as a silly idea.

We challenge ourselves – whether it's an engineering brief to control the temperature of a room within one degree, or to make a commercial that makes people take notice. We want to set new standards.

We like to do things differently - just as our technology is unconventional, so is the way we explain it. We are an ideas led business. We lead, we don't follow.

We don't give up – James failed 5126 times before he got cyclone technology just right. He remains at the helm of the business today, and his dogged perseverance encourages us all to keep going.

We love what we do.